Humans aren't the only animals that use tools.

You met my sister, didn't you?

I've had my driving license confiscated.

I guess I'll have to wait a little longer.

We have many things in common.


Her lack of money kept her from going with me.

I'm not that kind of person.

I can start tomorrow.


Sal looked after our dog while we were in Boston.


Time goes by very quickly, doesn't it?

The chameleon can take on the colors of its background.

I was astonished.

I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.

The secret of longevity is to choose your parents carefully.

That baby has charming eyes.

You have what you need.


I have to ask Bradley to help us.

Did you feed the dog this morning?

I like to write poems.


Was that weird for you?

I think Syed is inflexible.

Leave the engine running.


There's no problem with Huashi.


I had been reading for an hour.

I was convinced that he was guilty.

I am a banana.

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Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

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She will catch you.

We all live in different worlds.

Tricia claimed that he passed the exam.

Christophe has never cheated on his wife.

I'd like to solve the puzzle.

He exploded with anger.

Please help her.

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Is the zoo near here?

Dinner will be served.

Sorry, wrong number.


I won't give up, Dana.

My daughter has already returned from school.

He's already left.

All my friends have bicycles.

We will begin as soon as possible.


I have an accountant to do that.

Darryl thought what Janos asked him to do was way too risky.

Your conduct is disgraceful.


Perhaps I didn't explain it well enough.

A dog is sitting on the carpet.

Have you had anything to drink tonight?

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I don't want her to worry.


I folded one.


Arthur is one of the students that redid their year.

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I don't know when Bob got to Japan.

Effectively, I killed him.

We need to be ready.


I loved watching you dance.

That was difficult.

How high does a sycamore grow?


Father embraced Mother lovingly.


There are as many as two hundred cherry trees in this park.

He dozed off even though he didn't want to.

I was waiting for someone to say that.

Be quiet, girls.

Roxane persuaded Penny to go to the party with him.

She will be happy when she gets married.

You've done the best you can do.

Peter is cold, he wish a sweater.

We put off the departure till tomorrow.

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I'm having a problem deleting one of my files.

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Charlie is a graduate of Harvard.

Keep this medicine out of the children's reach.

He bowed to his teacher.

It was a satisfying meal.

What do you aim to be?

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I'll go tell everybody.

She told me this story off the record.

I'll read this book.

He baked muffins.

You broke it.

Her lack of money kept her from going with me.

It is clear what must be done.

We have a right to know.

Everything was pointing to this answer.

I don't have as much experience as you.

It's happened before.

I'm not being rude.

His anger was so great that I ran away.


Is that what you have in mind?


This town still retains something of the old days.


"Does he like music?" "Yes, he does."

The bold knight didn't hesitate at the time to go onto the offensive.

We all hated him.

They contradict themselves constantly.

That's why I'm still alive.

It's time to make out our annual report.

Sherman quietly sneaked out of the room.


They sent the letters last month.

I want to go back to Boston.

Take a book and read it.

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I really appreciate your willingness to testify.

Where are we going, Seymour?

He advised her not to go there by herself.

Marty is on his way over.

The street was crowded with people.


Peggy said that he thought Kelly knew why John had become a policeman.

They won a free car.

Honzo sat in the first row.

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Never ask for the obvious.

What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Dwight got a tetanus shot after being bitten by a dog.

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The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

My heart is yours.

This case was classified as a homicide.


I have Ramsey's file right here.

I bought this book for less.

Don't hold yourself responsible for what happened.

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We deceived ourselves as to the reward.

He is waiting for you to say something.

We all missed them.

Let me give this to you before I forget.

"Unfortunately the frankfurters split open when I was boiling them." "It doesn't matter, Sundar. They still taste good."

I want my freedom.

The marigold rises with the sun.

All you need to do is trust each other.

It is too good to be true.

It might be risky.

I like hot chocolate more than coffee.

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Did you really think that was what Po wanted?

Thomas thinks he's the center of the world. He's very egocentric.

Why did you want them to leave?

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Terry sat on the garbage can and played his harmonica.


My parents are constantly arguing.

There happened to be a train accident early that morning.

I looked for someone to take her place.


Marsh suggested the idea to Hamilton.

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I simply can't wait to be married.

Did they come today?

If you think it's a good idea, you should participate. Conversely, if you think it's a bad idea, you should let him know.

I've come to pick up Judith.

You can't hurt Rajeev.

I think Ragnar is rich.

I paid a lot of money for these.


Do you remember the time we went to the zoo together when we were kids?

Open these doors.

The Hungarian language is better than Esperanto.

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I will write to him at once.

I shall give this dance a miss.

You can always count on Nicolette in any emergency.

I told Kerri to wait for me in the lobby.

The ship turned upside down and many passengers were thrown into the sea.

I'm your girlfriend.

Can you help me pick out an engagement ring?


It's your duty.


We didn't talk for years.


According to the weather forecast, it will snow tomorrow.

Pablo Neruda was Chile's ambassador to France in 1971.

I expect that in the far future, you will know about every day.